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London Branches and Contacts — CAMRA is divided into 16 regions across the UK — each headed up by an elected volunteer Regional Director, who is supported by other regional volunteers.


The Richmond & Hounslow Branch comes under The London region of CAMRA. Because of its size of the London region it is further sub-divided up into 14 (as of Nov 2022) separate Branches (R&H being one of them), each supporting their own website.

National CAMRA Beer Festivals

Great British Beer Festival
National Winter Ales Festival - winter counterpart to CAMRA's Great British Beer Festival

Pub Preservation

Promoting historic pub preservation and good pub design in London.

What's Brewing Newspaper — This is a digital news service from CAMRA. Please note that their website is still new and in beta testing - if you have any issues or notice any problems, please let us know on:

CAMRA Young Members

A dedicated Young Members Group meets twice a year, representing the views of 18-30 year olds and sharing information to the volunteer leadership. See more on the group's Facebook channel:

Page last updated: 14th June 2023

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