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The Cider & Perry page

Please note that CAMRA's definition of real cider has changed. If the maker is not on the map featured on this link, it's not considered Real Cider:

Raising the profile of Real Cider in London:

London CiderDrinkers on Twitter @LDNCiderDrinker and

London PotY presentation
NEWS: The presentation of London Cider Pub of the Year 2012 to the Sussex Arms in Twickenham took place on Thursday 28th February 2013. From left to right: Ian White (Reginal Cider Co-ordinator), Ash Zobel and Peter Brew. [The Sussex Arms have subsequently been voted the best cider and Perry pub in the Richmond and Hounslow CAMRA Branch area in 2022.]

Muppet amoungst the Perry Real cider is a traditional drink produced naturally from apples and is neither carbonated or pasteurised, i.e. Real cider and perry is essentially the fermented juice of the fruit with nothing added and nothing taken away. Unfortunately the majority of the cider sold in the UK is mostly made from imported apple concentrate, is full of artificial colouring, sweeteners, and preservatives, is filtered, is pasteurised to render it inert and is kept and served under carbon dioxide pressure.

CAMRA has supported the interests of cider and perry producers since the early years of the campaign. Since 1995 there has been an Apple and Pear Liaison Executive (aka APPLE). Always Paralytically Pissed Late in the Evening). These now rare drinks are realistically only available outside their native areas at a handful of pubs, mostly CAMRA friendly pubs and of course Beer and Cider Festivals.

Real Cider Sold HereWe have only a few pubs in the Richmond and Hounslow Branch area that always has at least one cider and/or perry available. Please note that pubs do rotate what they offer and at times the cider you may find on the bar is not considered 'Real' by CAMRA.

These pubs that we know are:
The Mitre, 20 St Mary's Grove, Richmond.
Black Dog Beer House, 17 Albany Road, Brentford
Express Tavern, 56 Kew Bridge Rd, Brentford.
Moon under Water, 84/88 Staines Rd, Hounslow
Sussex Arms Ale & Cider House, in Twickenham. (six on hand-pump) PotY 2012 & 2022
William Webb Ellis, 24 London Rd, Twickenham
Masons Arms, 41 Walpole Rd, Teddington
Star, 8 High Street, Hampton Hill

NB. In number of pubs Cider is only available during the summer months.

Cider hand-pumps at the Sussex Arms
Cider hand-pumps at the Sussex Arms Aug 2011

The only two things which prevent a cider or perry from being real is:

  1. if it is made using concentrate and / or
  2. if it is chaptalised (in the form described in our new definition)

The full real cider definition can be found here: on the CAMRA web-site.

Phil Harrison has taken on the role of the branch Cider and Perry Representative. See Committee page.

real cider & perry #not from concentrate!